New York’s Luxury Towers Bring In-House Fashion Offerings

Nadja Sayej, Sep 06, 2022

New York City’s luxury towers have seen next-level amenities, from private nutritionists to spas and sports, in-house.

Now, we are seeing more fashion and beauty offerings, too. Some luxury towers offer services right inside their own home—offering manicures on their couch, haircuts, or a styling session.

Take celebrity hairstylist John Barrett, who will visit the luxury apartments at 53 W 53 to cut and style your hair in the comfort of your home, as part of the building’s VIP access. It’s Barrett’s first and only venture with a residential tower.

“Our goal is to make each client feel like the only person in the world that matters at that moment, a philosophy we share with 53 West 53, so we took this thinking to another level through the partnership,” said Barrett.

53 West 53, exterior, which offers in-unit hair appointments with hairstylist John Barrett and his  team. Credit: GILES ASHFORD

“We’re always looking for new and innovative ways to service our clients—existing or new—and make them feel extra special. This partnership is a continuation of that commitment to our clients and showcases the value and growing desire for personalized, on-demand beauty services.

When it comes to booking an appointment with your favorite hairdresser, the wait list can be long, at least in New York, and squeezing an appointment into your busy schedule is never easy. This program is a game-changer for what the future of fashion and beauty could be, an easy booking through your building’s VIP concierge service.

“This level of convenience and priority access is hard to resist and residents love being able to get whatever they want within just a few hours,” said Barrett, “that’s something we’re very proud of. With September just around the corner, we’re excited for more residents to use it and can’t wait to see where this partnership goes.”

A manicure by Piers Laine, which offers in-home manicures for 40 buildings across New York and New Jersey. Credit: PIERS LAINE

Meanwhile, beauty brand Piers Laine is bringing in-home manicures, pedicures and reflexology for residents at Brooklyn Point in Downtown Brooklyn.

Lauren Nadan is the founder and CEO of Piers Lane, said that bringing manicures and pedicures into Brooklyn Point has been a game-changer for the condo’s residents. It helps pregnant women, moms who don’t have childcare, and “professionals working from home, who squeeze in an appointment in between zoom calls,” she said.

“It’s also ideal for women inviting their friends over for some wine and mani-pedis, and also elderly residents who lack mobility,” adds Nadan. “We also get a sizable portion of men.”

They don’t just serve Brooklyn Point, but also roughly 40 building sin the New York and New Jersey area. “After years of getting my nails done in uninspiring settings, with below average cleanliness standards, and wait times associated with walk-in only salons, I knew she wanted to reimagine the experience and make it better, said Nadan. “At Piers Laine, we’re on a mission to modernize the nail care experience for everyone, everywhere, by making it more convenient, tech enabled, and fun.”

It has been a game-changer for the luxury condo, too. “At Brooklyn Point, we are always looking for creative and intuitive ways to give our residents a seamless living experience, including in-home services,” said Bryan Grandison, Director of Lifestyle Services of Extell Management Services.

Brooklyn Point Credit: EXTELL

He says residents have been raving about the partnership with Piers Lane.

“Many of our residents have found these services, coupled with all of our other amenities, to be a valuable part of living in our building,” adds Grandison.

As for foodies— residents of Maverick, a new condo building in Chelsea, can book chef Sean Patrick Gallagher to cook up a private meal on the premises.

And residents at Mandarin Oriental Residences, Fifth Avenue (and their property in Beverly Hills, as well) have access to a Saks Fifth Avenue concierge and Saks Stylist that can enter their home and help with at-home styling. While getting ready for a big night out, the stylist can help you pick an eye-catching outfit.

It’s part of the building’s next-level VIP services and lifestyle curation. “Partnering with Saks Fifth Avenue furthers our mission to bring together several of the world’s most coveted names and partners to create a new standard of elevated luxury living,” says Michael Shvo, Founder and Chairman of SHVO, the luxury development and investment behind this partnership.

Stephanie Maher, the SVP of Brand Marketing at Saks adds: “As a leading fashion authority, Saks is known for delivering the very best in luxury shopping and services. We’re thrilled to collaborate with SHVO on this exclusive program to bring top-tier luxury fashion, beauty and lifestyle experiences to its Mandarin Oriental residences, Fifth Avenue and Beverly Hills.”